SportsLink know how Clubs’ operate and the demands placed on Committee Members and other volunteers to run the Club. That’s why SportsLink provide everything your Club needs to reach your sponsorship potential with minimal input required.

The following is a summary of the Club Pack items. It is up to individual Clubs' to decide if all or some of the items will be utilized to achieve maximum Sponsorship dollars.

Is your Club already sponsored by SportsLink?

If so and you would like to receive more information about the Club Pack items, please select them from the list below and hit the request button at the bottom of the page.

Information brochure

A brochure that provides you with a summary of the SportsLink Sponsorship package. It includes information about SportsLink, the Sponsorship Package, how it works, the benefits to the business and when you will receive your sponsorship dollars.

Email from Club to Members announcing SportsLink Sponsorship

This email announces that your Club has teamed up with SportsLink to create an exciting Sponsorship package with the potential to secure substantial sponsorship funds, year after year.

It also explains how easy it is for Members to support their Club by supporting the Sponsorship and sets out how a win-win situation is created.

Email from Club to Sponsors announcing SportsLink Sponsorship

This email is similar to the announcement to your Members, and states the appreciation your Club has for its Sponsors and the encouragement given to Members to support Sponsors and Sponsors to support each other.

It also mentions that Sponsors (most of which will be businesses) can obtain a free, no obligation quote on their business insurances from SportsLink. This gives Sponsors the opportunity of winning by saving money and making sure they are correctly covered, and your Club winning by receiving Sponsorship funds, paid by SportsLink.

Sponsors have already shown a willingness to support your Club and SportsLink provides them with an opportunity to provide additional support and at the same time receive a benefit for their business.

SportsLink Website Badge

SportsLink Badge for your Club's website.

A recognizable link from your Club's website to the SportsLink website, providing everyone with an easy opportunity of supporting your sponsorship.

Poster for clubrooms

A2 sized SportsLink poster.

A support for the TV commercial and a static reminder to support your sponsorship.

Clubroom Window Sticker

An additional static support for the TV commercial and poster.

Bumper Sticker

A mobile reminder of your Club's sponsorship together with the promotion of your Club.

Club FAQs

A list of questions and answers to assist you in appreciating how the Sponsorship Package will work for your Club. (Included on SportsLink's website)

Business Owners FAQs

A list of questions and answers to assist Business Owners in appreciating how the SportsLink Sponsorship can benefit their business and at the same time support the Club. (Included on SportsLink's website)

Business Referral Form

An online form so your Members, Sponsors and other Supporters can refer a Business to SportsLink. (Included on SportsLink's website)

Business Insurance Quote Form

An online form so a Business can request a quote from AJG. (Included on SportsLink's website)