SportsLink know how Clubs operate and the demands placed on Committee Members and other volunteers to run the Club. Those demands include securing and retaining sponsors. That’s why SportsLink make it easy by providing everything your Club needs to achieve substantial sponsorship funds, year after year.

Because there is a win win situation. Your Members, Sponsors and other supporters win by having the opportunity of supporting your Club by obtaining a free, no-obligation quote on their business insurances to ensure they are correctly covered and paying a minimum in premium. Your Club wins because when a Member, Sponsor or other supporter takes out business insurance, SportsLink provides your Club with Sponsorship funds, year after year.

Your Club is providing us with the opportunity of speaking with new clients. An alternative for us would be to spend the money on expensive advertising campaigns, so rather than doing that, your Club receives the benefit of our reduced advertising costs.

Every quarter, your Club will receive a sponsorship payment together with a schedule showing who has become a SportsLink client and as such has supported your Club.

All sponsorship is great support for Clubs with most being for the current season and a set amount. Each year it usually has to be chased again. SportsLink Sponsorship is automatically there for your Club year after year with no limit on the amount of sponsorship dollars that can be achieved.

This is the most exciting part of SportsLink Sponsorship and follows on from the previous question and answer. Because we look after our Clients, they renew their policies year after year, which means your Club continues to receive Sponsorship dollars, year after year.

Keeping the previous answer in mind, Sponsorship dollars achieved in the first year (let's say $2,000) are there for you, year after year. So if your Club continued to promote SportsLink in the second year and the same level of success is achieved, in addition to the first years sponsorship of $2,000, you would also receive "new" sponsorship of $2,000. With ongoing promotion of SportsLink, the yearly sponsorship dollars could continue to grow every year, particularly as SportsLink becomes better known to your Members, Sponsors and other Supporters.

The majority of those involved in a Sporting Club have good intentions of supporting their Club but can never find the time. SportsLink provides them with an opportunity to support their Club by obtaining an alternative quote on their business insurances.

No, you don’t have to recommend SportsLink, however we have no doubt that in time you will get to know us and feel extremely comfortable in doing so. All we ask is that you simply refer businesses to us with the knowledge that they will be provided with the highest level of service and expertise in receiving a free, no-obligation quote on their business insurances to ensure they are correctly covered and paying a minimum in premium. Keep in mind that with all of the tools provided to you in the Club Sponsorship Pack, many Members, Sponsors and other supporters will contact us directly without the need for the Club to rely solely on referrals to receive sponsorship funds.

Whenever we are contacted direct, our Company policy is to always ask the client how they came to contact us & as such the appropriate sponsorship funds will be credited to your Club.

No, not at all. Whilst we are confident we will provide your Club with substantial sponsorship funds, year after year, it will in no way impact on other sponsorships. We do not require prime advertising positions or our name on clothing etc.


You will receive a free, no obligation quote on your business insurances to ensure you are correctly covered and paying a minimum in premium. Should you decide to take advantage of SportsLink’s services, your Club will receive sponsorship funds, paid by SportsLink.

Because our Client Commitment is ...

  • To at all times act in the best interests of you, our valued client.
  • To provide you with the required covers at the most competitive premiums.
  • To place your insurances with only those Insurers providing financial security and fast, fair claims settlement.
  • To tailor your policies so you receive the maximum coverage for your investment.
  • To fulfill your service needs in the most professional manner.
  • To attend to your claims without delay and ensure you receive the maximum entitlement.
  • To continually develop our skills so you receive the best advice available.

SportsLink is part of Arthur J. Gallagher, the world’s third largest broker and has 30 branches in Australia. So whilst providing the hands on relationship with you that you deserve, we have tremendous advantages available to us in delivering and exceeding our Client Commitments. This includes having access to AJG experts in the most complex areas of insurance to ensure your cover meets your requirements, and also the ability to cover any risk, anywhere in the world. Further advantages include the Company’s standing, respect and testimony to this is in the achievement of the following award:

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. named a World’s Most Ethical Company.

That is a good reason to have us look at your existing arrangements and provide advice and offer alternatives as sometimes companies can become complacent. What was competitive years ago, may not be now. On the other hand, should you already be receiving the required covers and service at the lowest possible premium from your existing arrangement, we will let you know so you can feel confident about your insurances.

We know that this represents most of the Members and other supporters that make up a Club. With SportsLink, you can support your Club by obtaining a free, no-obligation quote on your business insurances and if you decide to take advantage of SportsLink services, your Club will receive sponsorship funds, paid by SportsLink.

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