Through our personal involvement with Sporting Clubs over many years, it became obvious that there was a continual battle to obtain sponsors, and more importantly, keep them for a prolonged period.

It also became obvious that fundraising was too often left to a small band of committee members and this, along with the many other demands of running a Sporting Club, contributed to the attrition of those willing to provide the time and effort required.

With this in mind we set about formulating a Sponsorship Package designed specifically for Sporting Clubs that...

  • Continues year after year without re-negotiating.

  • Provides you with cash so you can use it as required.

  • Requires a minimum of your time to operate.

  • Will not impact on your other Sponsorships.

  • Increases for you every year.

  • Provides you with regular detailed information showing how the Sponsorship was achieved.

  • Provides your Members with an easy opportunity to have involvement with the Clubs fundraising whilst achieving many benefits for themselves.

Most importantly, our Sponsorship Package overcomes the problems we highlighted earlier in respect to the continual battle to obtain sponsors every year and the brunt of the workload being left to the committee.

Please feel free to contact us so we can show you how your Club can receive Sponsorship funds, year after year.